About Me


Unstoppable, Fearless and Adventurous is how they calll me. And I have to agree.

My name is Emma, and I am a dreamer.

I have been spending my entire life engineering and developing a formula on how to turn my dreams into reality which I have been successful at.

While growing up, my parents were entrepreneurs and my dad was often a motivational speaker for big crowds. So I grown up not only attending congresses, seminars and conferences where dad was the keynote speaker, but also reading Zig Ziglar and listening to personal growth & self-help tapes in the family car, rather than music!

When I got to university, I naturally end up studying psychology and education which I have always been passionate about. Mindset, thought & mental processes or anything to do with the science of the mind have always been one of my favourite subjects as it intrigues me and challenges me.

Three days after graduating from a 5 year degree, I moved to London with only 200 euro in my pockets. That’s when “real life” began - I was committed to grow my human potential and develop as an individual, and all the struggles I encountered made me stronger and more resilient.

Later on, I ended up entering the corporate world, where I wanted to test my high performance and leadership skills as well as accomplish several personal goals, including financial ones.

Once I proved myself in several areas of my life, it was time to achieve one of my biggest dreams: to travel the world at my own pace. For 3 years, I have explored, discovered and collected wonderful moments, life knowledge and experiences that nobody will be able to take away from me (well, maybe Alzheimer's but that's why I took so many pictures, videos and kept a few diaries and my blog “Footprints in the Clouds”).

Often I am told I am lucky.  Now, I do know and understand some privileges I have, however, what you call luck, I call it attitude. Luck is the word lazy people give to those that move forward and work hard & smart to reach their goals.

Everytime I look back, I feel proud of my achievements and I look at them with joy and excitement for what’s to come. And this feeling of personal pride is what I commit to help you achieve.

I have several passions in life, but one of the main ones is to be able to help others and inspire them to truly live, rather than just survive.

To find their purpose. To set up a goal. To achieve it.

I love who I am and what I do.

Call me a rebel if you want, but want to leave a stamp and want to make a difference in people's lives.



A few fun-facts about me:

  • I grew up wanting to be Indiana Jones, and later on Lara Croft.
  • I have traveled to over 60 countries, 40 of which I have traveled solo.
  • I have always been the misfit, the eccentric, the alien, the odd one out of the group.
  • I don’t eat any animals or animal products either - my rule is no bones, no blood, no cruelty.
  • I do not drink any alcohol, soft drinks, coffee, or take any drugs or smoke (I’m high on life instead).
  • I have an predisposition to get myself in trouble, it just happens, it’s not like I go after it… ;)
  • I have lived in an airport for 3 days (just like Tom Hanks {Viktor Navorski} .. sort of)
  • I have been an insomniac since I was 12, and very often I felt like an owl.
  • When I don’t feel like an owl I feel like a lioness.
  • I have a huge nail polish collection – over 100 different colours.
  • I am super emotional and cry easily as I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  • I have never owned a TV - but I love documentaries and some netflix shows.
  • Music is a huge part of my life and the first thousand I have made was by singing.
  • My life is a collection of lists, I have a list for everything I want to achieve or have achieved.
  • I am an activist at heart & fight for causes I believe, mainly equality (gender, race, sexual orientation, animals, etc)
  • One of my nickname is Pink Bunny, remember the Duracell commercial? Well, that’s me! I have always been hyperactive and I do feel sorry for my parents.
  • I almost got arrested by the Chinese police, killed by Thai Mafia, kidnapped several times & often my friends tell me I should turn my life into a movie… well, that might as well happen after I finish writing my autobiography.